i never thought there could be any thing worse that the oklahoma city boming i was living in stroud 50 miles from oklahoma city and i watched tv that day i could not beleve that this could happen in the usa than sep 11 i watched i horror the events on tv i told my husband that the world was ending i wanted to wake up sure it was a nightmare i cried when i saw all the flyers of missing people and people asking for info on lost or missing loved ones i still cry when i here allen jakson where were you when the world stopped turnning but i am glad to see the newwave of patriotisin in the us all the flaggs flying and people all over the world weeping for our loss i wish that someone could wave a wand and there would be peace for all i just want to thank all the firefighters and rescue people who died trying to save lives and i for those who still fight on as well as the armed service people who fight to protect us my prayrs are with you all thank you so verry much.