My Friend's Dad

My friend's dad went to work today
Just like the day before
His family was still sleeping
When he left and shut the door

He drove down to the station
He's a fireman you see
My friend's dad has a special job
He protects you and me

That morning was no different
Than many of the others
My friend's dad got a phone call
They needed help to save their brothers

So they drove to New York City
And searched through the rock and rubble
My friend's dad is a smart man
He knew our country was in trouble

My friend's dad is a strong man
We know how hard he tried
The whole world was watching
The day our country cried

Sometimes I'm afraid to talk to him
I never take the time
But, I would like to tell my friend's dad
I'm proud he's a friend of mine

I won't tell you who my friend is
You don't need to know his name
But, if you ever meet my friend's dad
You can thank him just the same

written by
Robyn - 9th grade