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    Thank you for doing this Brian . . .it's a great site and much needed, especially now. My family has a few generations of Firemen . . .we grew up knowing that "the Boys look after their own". It's just one of the things that make you all stand out from the rest . . .

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    I couldn't agree more! This is a wonderful web site.

    I also have firefighters in my family. I grew up with them and am now married to one. It's been hard on firefighters all over the country, and the world.

    My husband and I live in CT so we were closer to the devastation than some. The entire county in CT that we live in organized a team that was to be sent to NY to help in the relief efforts. This team had been hand picked from all the firefighters in the county; based not only on their ability as firefighters, but also their experience in construction and demolition. My husband is the first name on that list. What has hit him almost harder than the loss of all the Brothers in NY is the fact that NY never called upon them to help in the effort.

    Our County Chiefs have been in contact with NY from the start and were told to please wait until they "got the call" to go help as it would make things easier. That is exactly what they have done, and still we wait. The heartbreak felt by all Brothers is huge, something I can only begin to understand. Along with the healing process is the need to help, many are able to do so. Our department raised over $20,000.00 for the Widows and Children's Fund in one day. And yet, for those on the list from the county to go to NY, it hurts them worse that they have not been giving the chance to go to the actual site to help in the effort.

    I firmly belive that in order to start the healing process some Brothers feel the need to go to NY and help in some manner. My husband is one of those Brothers. I know that when/if the team from our county gets the call to go to NY, my husband will stay there to help until he is forced to leave. He would stay for 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, or longer, whatever it took to get the job done. It is part of the bond of Brotherhood that binds all firefighters no matter what state, or nation they are from.

    No matter what we do, we will be unable to completely heal the heartbreak that so many Brothers feel. My only hope is that with time, we are able to help them all get through this difficult time and heal what part of the heartbreak that we are able to.

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    waiting for the call

    I know exactly what you are talking about with 'waiting for the call'. During the first week, those of us in the firehouses were waiting to be called down also. Eventually, we all rotated through, but those first few days it was quite frustrating that the only time some of us could go down was when we weren't working.

    Let your husband know that even though it feels like he didn't get a chance to help because he didn't get 'the call', everyone should know that everyone helped with just being there ready to come. And the support that has come in has helped tremendously to ease the emotional scars that we all have.

    Like being at a fire, we know that not everyone can be on the stairway landing trying to get into that bedroom fire. And not everyone can be in the fire apartment doing the search and pulling ceilings. When the time comes, we will all get a chance.

    And when helping get the kinks out of a hoseline, or feeding the hose through a window, even though it may feel like that is 'nothing' and it is better to be on the nozzle, we must also note that every little thing that we do brings the team to success.

    But it's just as important to be out of the way sometimes. Standing by, in the street, waiting to be utilized, but not getting in the way. And if and when the time comes to act, you are ready. Though it doesn't feel like it is something, it is everything.

    To those who feel like they didn't get a chance to help by being there.... please know that you WERE there in spirit and support. The World was there. Without you, the job would have been much tougher.

    Thank you, everyone.
    Brian Shea
    Co-Director of Fallen Brothers Foundation
    (foundation charity dissolved 2006)

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