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Thread: Petition - Mayor Bloomberg - FC Scoppetta

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    True History

    Petition - Mayor Bloomberg - FC Scoppetta

    To: The "Thousand Points of Right":

    Below, please find a petition asking that no changes be made on
    any sculpture of the historic Flag Raising photo of three NYC firefighters, at the WTC, taken by Mr. Franklin of the Bergen Record.


    In order to add your name to this petition:
    1) Click on the button that says "post reply"
    2) Add your name, City-State
    3) Submit your post.
    4) If you'd like, you can Forward this petition to your relatives & friends by finding link near the bottom of the page that says "Email this page"

    Some may wish to leave their email addresses along with their City-State, but you might want to NOT post your email for privacy purposes.

    Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

    We, the electronically undersigned, are appalled that a statue of three brave firefighters, raising the American Flag at the WTC disaster, would be altered in any manner.

    What Firefighters McWilliams, Johnson and Eisengrein did, inspired the people of NYC and the nation in one its darkest hours. This inviolable photograph, taken by Tom Franklin of the Bergen Record, has shaken national patriotism to the surface.

    The statue of this historic event is not necessarily meant to honor our fallen heroes, and to misrepresent that moment in history is disgraceful. Just as the sculpture of the flag raising at Mt. Surabachi (also from an actual photo) stirred patriotism, it was never meant to honor fallen soldiers.

    We respectfully request that you reconsider making any changes to the sculpture of this historic photo.

    We suggest that another sculpture, depicting every category of hero, including civilians and rescue workers, would be welcomed by all.

    cc: Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta


    John Gilleeny Lake Ariel, PA

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    Thumbs down����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� petition

    Statue should remain as originally intended. You cannot change history, however, another separate statue depicting different races would be appropriate

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    better place to sign petition

    I was notified of a website that already has the petition to sign up on,

    so, instead of signing it here, please visit

    over 10,000 signatures already.
    Brian Shea
    Co-Director of Fallen Brothers Foundation
    (foundation charity dissolved 2006)

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    FDNY in Push vs. Statue

    Just ran across this in my searches

    FDNY in Push vs. Statue


    The Fire Department is set to pressure its landlord to scrap a controversial statue planned for FDNY headquarters

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