In the past, I was asking everyone to let me know if there was a problem with their order, and I would take care of it.

I'd like to ask everyone now, if they have a problem with their order (received wrong item, etc), please send it back with the receipt that comes with the order. There are instructions on the back.

Basically, if you have an exchange or return, fill out the back of the form, and mail it back to the shipping department. There is a mailing label included.

This will certainly be quicker than having me handle it, as I have just about run out of free time to handle everything. This has all been volunteer, and I need to cut back on these 40 hour weeks. (I'm still working with FDNY during all of this).

I do ask that you drop me an email when you do take care of it so that I can have an idea when the shipping dept. tells me there is a return/exchange.