Firefighter Was a 'Mayor' of Neighborhood

Dec. 14, 2001

No one else called Ed Mulligan "Pops." Only the third youngest of his four children.

"Pops, one day I'm going to be commissioner of the Fire Department," firefighter Dennis Mulligan, 32, once told his father.

Dennis grinned and turned to leave. He stopped. Looked his father in the eyes.

"That's right, Pops."

Dennis was an eight-year fire department veteran who served in Manhattan with Division 3, Battalion 8, Ladder 2.

He lived in the Bronx and palled around with a close group of friends from the Throgg's Neck neighborhood.

"He could have run for mayor of that particular area," his father said.

Not that Dennis and his friends could always be found there. They took three-day cruises and weekend ski trips. Dennis organized a bachelor's party held in Madison, Wis. His family expected him to marry in 2002.

Dennis worked as hard as he played. He often picked up odd jobs when not fighting fires, working as a bouncer or limo driver. He had opened a moving business with a group of friends.

Ed Mulligan chokes up when talking about what else his son might have done.

"This attack on the United States took away one of the best futures in this city, state and country," he said. "It's just a helluva a thing to do to my son."

--Fred Carroll (Daily Press)