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Thread: The Box (award-winning video documentary)

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    The Box (award-winning video documentary)

    I just wanted to make a small post about a project I have been working on since September. What started off as a show about a friends day in the life below 14th street has grown into a longer project. The thrust is still the same, but now not confined to one area, about how September 11 affected people, interviewing a many people as I can with no budget. The show is not for profit and will hopefully air on public Access stations across the U.S.
    As a New Yorker and a film maker I felt the need to do this and while some have blown me off because I am not financed others have embraced being part of the project because I am not trying to exploit anyone. I am still doing interviews and looking for footage and images to use in the project. My next round of interviews will be at the end of February so if anyone is interested or has footage/images to share please contact me at

    ~Dave Wallin-Eddy

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    Sound Visions

    View a promo for the film

    July 2

    Just an update. I am still woring on this, I just got more footage in laste week and am open to do more interviews with familys, rescue workers, NYFD members or orthers.

    Take a look at the promo and let me know what yo uthink and if there is any intrest plese contact me at


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    I have been going thru the links section deleting non-existent links and re-viewing those still active.

    When I came to this one, I realized that I have never seen it or saw a much more preliminary version.

    This is such a well done and moving piece.

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    Sound Visions
    Thanks Chris. You may have seen a "rough cut" that aired on many outlets in the US in 2002 on the one year anivesrary. It was also part of the Northern lights Documentary Film Festival last year (2003). It is always good to hear someone say that the film says something, or is well made. My intent was, and still is, to simply document that day and how it affected people. I am still looking for anyone who would like to be interviewed.


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