Firefighter remembered in Monmouth

A New York City firefighter who died in the World Trade Center disaster was remembered in Monmouth County today. That's is where he also served as a volunteer firefighter. News 12 New Jersey's Mike Forrest has the story of Robert Foti.

This is what Bobby Foti loved to do, fight fires. And this picture shows the New York fireman during one summer as a volunteer working in Neptune with the Unexcelled Company, something he did during his summer vacations the past 6 years, while with his family at the shore. Now his locker is empty. Foti was killed on September 11th at the World Trade Center.

Lt. Frank Sutphin said, "He was one of the best of the best, plus he was a sweetheart of a guy, you couldn't help loving him. He was always funny, always upbeat always had a story, you know what I mean, he'd come down here and he'd fit right in with us guys"

That's Frank in the picture with Bob Foti.

Joey Mauro said, "We only knew him maybe six years but in that short time we built a pretty good friendship. He was a great guy"

Phil Williams said, "He was a good firefighter, he will be greatly missed, all the guys up there"

Dan Harker said, "Just an excellent person, excellent fireman. Taught me more in the short time I knew him than anybody could"

For the past 2 months members of the Unexcelled Fire Company have hit the streets selling raffle tickets, 50-50's, to raise money for the Foti family, and in the 2 months they've been doing it they've raised over $4200.

"I just want to say thank you"

"thank you so much, it means so much that so many care so much for my dad and family so much thank you.

In Neptune, Mike Forrest, News 12 New Jersey.,00.html