WTC Hits the NYC Punk World: Remembering John Heffernan of The Bully's

-Nate Schweber

When John Heffernan died on Sept. 11, it robbed New York's punk community of one of its strongest creative forces, and it stole true love away from John's wife, Lori. "Now I'm not going to be 70 and wake up next to my love," she says.

Trigger, owner of the Continental Club, where Heffernan's band The Bullys were booked to play Sept. 22, said Johnny's dedication to his music is what made him special. "He did it all out of love, and that's what sets Johnny apart," Trigger says.

Bandmates remember that when the charismatic redhead with "a map of Ireland and a few bar brawls" on his face walked into their Roxy Studios rehearsal room in Long Island City, he was all business. "Johnny was the front man. He was in charge," lead singer Joey Lanz, 35, says. "It's amazing the life he juggled, but when he was doing rock n' roll, that was his passion."

Heffernan, 37, played at CBGB when he was 17 with a band called the Psychotics. He paid his dues in a Ramones cover band, a band called "Threat," --after his teenage nickname