Our Hero

Even before the September 11 tragedies, a hero walked amongst us. Fire fighter David LaForge, son of Ethel and Jim LaForge, bought the family house in Staten Island when his Mom and Dad decided to move to Island Heights. He bought a little house here in town, but his neighbors seldom saw him there. Mostly he spent his time helping around his parent's house. When his aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it was David who pitched in took care of everything.

It comes as no surprise that David was one of the heroes who showed up at the WTC on September 11.

It is brings us great sadness that he is listed as one of the missing.

We've all been searching within ourselves for the strength to keep our optimism alive and keep our hearts focused on the silver lining rather than dwell in our despair. I keep thinking about David and these words seem to say it best