Firefighter Passionate About Work, Family

Michael Quilty telephoned his wife, Susan, moments after the attack on the World Trade Center. He was en route to the scene from his station house, Ladder Co. 11, on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Quilty, 42, is believed to have been on the 30th floor of Tower Two when it caved in.

He was promoted to lieutenant two years ago and celebrated his 20th anniversary as a firefighter Sept.5. Born and raised on Staten Island, he was graduated from Countess Moore High School before earning an associate's degree in liberal arts from the College of Staten Island. He received a medal in 1997 for rescuing a woman from a Brooklyn fire.

When it came to his family, Quilty was equally as passionate. For the past seven years, he coached his daughter's soccer team, while almost singlehandedly doing a gut renovation of the family's three-bedroom Dutch colonial on Staten Island. A certified scuba diver, Quilty earned his pilot's license in 1981. He is survived by his wife of 17 years; his parents, Joseph and Rose; son, Daniel, and daughter, Kerry; and brother, Daniel, and sisters, Eileen Peterson and Suzanne Quilty.

--Collin Nash (Newsday)