February 6, 2002

Fire Company, Hurt Sept. 11, Is to Get Truck and Quarters


he Fire Department announced yesterday that Ladder 10, the only paid city fire company out of service since Sept. 11, would soon return to duty with a new truck and share quarters with another company until its station at the rim of ground zero is repaired.

But some downtown residents said they were disappointed that the department had not agreed to reunite the company with its partner, Engine 10, in a temporary firehouse near Battery Park City. The announcement came on the eve of a news conference called by two members of the City Council seeking to investigate why Ladder 10 has not been reactivated and whether Battery Park City is adequately protected.


The two companies, known together as 10 House, were the first to respond to the attack on the World Trade Center, having witnessed it from across the street, in their station at 124 Liberty Street.

Four members of the companies