Due to the immediate need to fill spots of officers missing during the week of 9/11, the FDNY promoted members. In respect to those still missing at the time, those who were on the ********* list, but were missing, were promoted as 9/10/01... the day before the attack.

These promotions helped show that we still had hope that those missing would be found, and allowed the families to have a little more in their missing heroes paychecks during the wait.

Promoted 9/10/01 to next rank

FF Joseph Agnello, L-118
Cp James Amato, SQ-1
FF Carl Bedigian, E-214
FF Manuel Del Valle, E-5
BC Raymond Downey, SOC
Lt Michael Esposito, SQ-1
CP Thomas Farino, E-26
Cp Joseph Farrelly, E-4
Lt John Fischer, L-20
FF Andre Fletcher, R-5 to Fire Marshal
FF David Fontana, SQ-1
FF Andrew Fredericks, SQ-18
Lt Vincent Giammona, L-5
FF Ronnie Gies, SQ-288
FF David Halderman, SQ-18
CP Thomas Haskell, L-132
CP Brian Hickey, R-2
FF Vincent Kane, E-22 to Fire Marshal
BC Charles Kasper, SOC
FF Thomas R. Kelly, L-105
FF Kenneth Kumpel, L-25 to Fire Marshal
FF Michael Lynch, L-4
FF Patrick Lyons, SQ-252
BC Joseph Marchbanks, BN-12
Lt William McGinn, SQ-18
CP Louis Modafferi, R-5
FF John Napolitano, R-2
Lt Daniel O'Callaghan, L-4
BC John Paolillo, SOC
Lt Vernon Richard, L-7
FF Jeffrey Walz, L-9