I never had a chance to meet you
But the fact still remains I miss you...miss you I do.
I never learned who you were, what was your name.
America and I miss your smile and braveness, miss them all the same.

More tears have been shed because of what you did and who you were
On that fateful day in September when disaster did occur.
How could this happen to a land so great and a man so brave and strong?
I know your family and friends have asked this, asked this all along.

I believe God was the lucky one that fateful day on September eleven
When angels dressed as firemen graced his doorstep, his doorstep in heaven.
Many hearts were broken and sadly all our lives forever changed.
If you had it to do again....your schedules would you have rearranged?

No one will ever know the answer to a question such as this
But the fact remains you are and will forever be missed.
Your presence will indeed be missed and memory strong.
God and America know this, your memory forever long.

Life is cruel...fair it is not.
You are lost...but not forgot.
The seasons will change, the sun will rise, and the rain will fall.
You are lost...but not forgotten by one...not forgotten by us all.

Time heals all wounds, so it is said. I find that hard to believe.
I find that hard to believe, as tears continue to fall, on one relieved.
Men are born, born they are, but heroes are made.
God has led his flock home and their memory not to fade.

What can we do to assure you are only lost, but not forgotten as time slips away?
I vow to begin a campaign to remember you yesterday and once again today.
God give us peace and love those who were lost and those who remain behind.
Keep them safe, let them find comfort and keep them in our mind!

Written by Judy Cherbonneau
November 24, 2001