I remember the alarm on that fateful day, as we responded in haste, to be carried away.
With sirens screaming our advancing pace, we answered the call by taking our place.
We have answered this call many times before, you see it's our job, we expect no less, no more.
We know the danger that comes with the quest, but we answered that call, by doing our best.

We are armed with the weapons of life saving gear, the voices of so many, calling us near.
Then we arrive at this god-awful sight, the towers ablaze, no time for fear, just fight.
This was an act of evil, so may souls could be lost, we must strive to save as many, at whatever the cost.
Into the lobby, and then down the hall, I rush up the steps, to answer the call.

My heart is now pounding, the sweat pours down my face, but I keep moving at a life saving pace.
Shouting out orders as I continue my quest, "GET DOWN, KEEP MOVING!" I shout,