NYFD Faces Personnel Problems.

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The Bulletin's Frontrunner...03/07/2002

The Wall Street Journal (3/7, Sandberg) reports on the difficulties faced by the NYFD in the aftermath of 9/11. The WSJ added, "As the fire department struggles to rebuild itself after losing 341 firemen in less than two hours on Sept. 11, its five rescue companies present one of the toughest challenges.

For many ladder and engine companies, whose primary job is fighting fires, rebuilding means shuffling personnel and rushing hundreds of new 'probies' into service." The rescue companies "face a harder time replacing the 39 men they lost (out of a total of about 125), all trained specialists in using sophisticated equipment to save lives. Department brass recently told fire-academy graduates that it would take the class 14 years to regain the expertise that perished at the World Trade Center."