Shrine at firehouse

On a lazy August day, Jane Hanstein Cunniffe took her sons on an outing. Around the block. To the local firehouse on East 29th Street.

A firefighter, Vincent Princiotta, welcomed Henry, a red-headed 2-year-old, and led him through a series of thrilling drills: in the big red truck, on the truck, wearing the helmet, holding the hose. She took pictures, a slew of them, memorializing the day.

They are animated shots, a boy and man engaged with each other, a man appreciating the wonder in a little boy's eyes.

In September, she walked back to the station house a few blocks from her apartment, and found the station a shrine. Vincent Princiotta, 39, was listed as missing, one of those who risked and gave his life in the disaster. She left photographs and a note.

She takes out photographs from both days, a month apart, a lifetime away. And says she's happy that Henry took from this only a heightened sense of appreciation for the joy of bright red fire trucks.