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Thread: FDNY Statue debate. Follow the links.

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    Post������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ FDNY Statue debate. Follow the links.

    Please go to the bottom for the links so voice your opinion. If links do not work, use cut and paste. A special thanks to for these contents.

    Petition Circulated Regarding Firefighters Flag-Raising Statue
    WRITTEN BY : Anonymous, DATE POSTED: 1/16/02
    Read an anonymous petition being circulated on the Internet regarding the statue depicting three firefighters raising the flag on Ground Zero and plans to change their ethnicity:

    We've all seen the famous photograph of Firefighters Dan McWilliams, Billy Eisengrein, and George Johnson raising a flag, Iwo Jima-style, over the ground-zero wreckage of the Twin Towers.

    It's stirred pride in the hearts of most Americans, regardless of our race, color, creed, ***, etc.

    According to the Associated Press ("Flag-Raising Statue Draws Criticism," 1/11/02), "A statue based on the famous photograph of the flag-raising at the World Trade Center site is being criticized because the three white firefighters in the picture have been
    transformed into one white, one black and one Hispanic... Some firefighters and their families say the 19-foot bronze is "political correctness run amok and an attempt to rewrite history."

    The $180,000 sculpture is expected to be erected this spring at the Fire Department's Brooklyn headquarters in tribute to the 343 firefighters killed in the attack.

    As Carlo Casoria, who lost his firefighter son, Thomas, said: "They're rewriting history in order to achieve political
    correctness." As most people know, the men depicted in the Iwo Jima
    monument, fashioned after another famous photo, are the individuals shown in the picture. No one would have dreamed of replacing
    those heroes.

    No one should replace these three modern heroes, either.

    The decision to represent different races was made by the bureaucrats in charge of the New York Fire Department, the makers of the statue, and the property-management company that owns the department headquarters building and commissioned the work. You can contact them, along with the New York City Council, with the information below.

    Let them know what you think about the 19-foot bronze -- that it's political correctness run amok and an attempt to rewrite history, and that the three firefighters in the original picture DESERVE to be the
    ones on that statue.


    Fire Department, City of New York
    Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta
    9 MetroTech Center
    Brooklyn, NY 11201-3857
    Phone: 718-999-1455
    Fax: 718-999-2789
    Contact Form:

    The Council of the City of New York
    City Hall/Room 5
    New York, NY 10007
    Phone: 212-788-7100
    Fax: 212-788-9296

    Forest City Ratner Companies
    Bruce C. Ratner, President
    1 Metrotech Center North
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Phone: 718-923-8400
    Fax: 718-923-8700

    Elliot Schwartz, President
    35 York Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Phone: 718-797-4561
    Fax: 718-797-4562

    It should only take you a minute to contact each one. Please forward this e-mail to everyone you know who's tired of this kind of political correctness run amok and attempts to rewrite history. Thank you!

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    This is out-of-date info. The proposed "pc" statue project has been cancelled. At you will find this statement:

    Update, 2002.0215: Apparently in response to the public controversy between supporters and opponents of the proposed sculpture, the project has been canceled. See for instance:, This petition is also intended to apply to plans for other September 11th memorials still under consideration.
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