Michael Healey, NYFD
by Carolyn James

Growing up in Massapequa Park Brian Healey looked to his brother Michael as a role model in all aspects of life. From coaching Brian in lacrosse as a teenager to becoming a firefighter as an adult, Michael seems to effortlessly epitomize the meaning of the word mentor.

To Brian, Michael Healey was a brother he could be proud of, and a husband, father and firefighter he could look up to. Michael excelled in all of these roles, said his brother Brian, a firefighter with Ladder Company 113 of Brooklyn, and in the wake of the September 11 tragedy at the World trade Center, Brian Healey and his family are left with only photographs and memories of Michael.

Michael Healey risked his life early Tuesday morning, September 11, when he rushed into the second or south tower of the World Trade Center to do what he had always wanted to: be a fireman and save lives. He never came out. He was 42 years old.

Michael Healey