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Thread: Thank you everyone

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    Smile����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Thank you everyone

    As o former firefighter who lost lost friends on Sep 11 it is difficult to find peolple to share the range of emotions that you go through every day when you see images on the news. When you are half a world away as I am it is even harder.

    My family don't understand my friends can't understand why i could get so upset about people I had never met or only met once or twice.

    Then I show them sites like this and they can see that I not coming unstuck at the hinges that there are others that have been affected as much as I have.

    To all of you thanks, whilst the grieving has been hard you have helped me cope and although we may never meet I will count you amoungst my dearest friends.

    Together we have shared the loss of the bravest of our brothers.

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    I know waht you mean

    I had the same problem.
    People don't understand because you don't know anybody off the people.
    But its in your heart.

    I live also at the other site off the world but when i can help i wanna do that and some people in my neighberhood (do i writh it good??) don't understand that feeling.

    When i saw the firstplane hits the WTC i think its an new movie,
    but no its was the truth, and i cried a lot.

    My son ( he's 5 years old) also cried and ask me why this happend. Why people falling down from the big building, and why 2 plane fly into the WTC.
    I don't know what to tell him.
    A week after the september 11 attack on his school they have a flag hanging half the top.
    He ask me why and i told him because its for the people in the WTC, Pentagon and the Plane's and he cried again.
    Yes he understand me, also he wanna help.

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