This area will be used to add the letters that we have received from around the world.

We will eventually scan in some of the drawings we received from the children and put them here.

If someone has a scanner and would like to help, we can send you a small stack (oh, there's a lot) for you to scan and then post into this section.

We will also be seeing if we can get some local school kids to type up some of the letters we've gotten. These are letters that have been written to us, to Kevin, to Firefighters, and to the children of the firefighters.

For the guys on the job, if you can start adding what you've received in your houses, that would be great. You know, the stack on the refrigerator that you couldn't post on the wall because there wasn't any space left. The stack in the draw at housewatch, on top of the TV at housewatch. The letters on the wall.

You might even try giving a stack to your local school. Maybe it can become a class project to get on the site and type up just one letter written by another kid.

Let's get a lot of them up for everyone to see. For everyone to feel how much support we were given.