Captain Buried By Local Church

Fire Department Captain Patrick Waters, whose body was among those pulled from the World Trade Center mountain of rubble 20 days after the deadly September 11 attack, was laid to rest last Friday after a funeral mass in his parish church in Glendale.

Waters, 44, was recalled by the Rev. John Fullum as an extremely active church member who, early one recent Sunday morning, recruited a group of parish men to clean up the flooded basement of Sacred Heart Church on 78th Street without being asked.

Fullum recounted how a torrential rain had flooded the basement of the red brick building. He and others had pondered how to clean up the watery mess.

"All of a sudden the doorbell rang and there was (Waters) with a mop and a group of people he had personally contacted to help," the priest said.

Describing Waters in a similar fashion, Tom Fox, a friend of the deceased officer, said, "He would have literally done anything for you."

Waters had taken a day off on September 11 for a doctor