Remains of 12 Found at Trade Center

Sat Mar 23, 4:13 PM ET

NEW YORK (AP) - Remains of at least 12 more people, including five firefighters, have been removed from debris at the World Trade Center site, officials said Saturday.

The remains were found late Friday and on Saturday in the tightly compacted rubble from the south tower.

The 110-story building was the second World Trade Center tower hit on Sept. 11, but it was the first to collapse. Those inside had just under an hour to escape and no apparent warning that the towers might fall.

Firefighters and rescue workers saluted Saturday as six flag-draped stretchers were escorted from the site.

None of the victims was immediately identified.

The firefighters were among 343 missing in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The remains of about 160 have been recovered and identified.

Earlier in the week, workers retrieved remains of as many as 11 firefighters from the rubble of the south tower, including one of the department's highest-ranking victims of the attack, Assistant Chief Donald Burns. He had been setting up a command post when the tower collapsed.

The Sept. 11 attacks claimed the lives of 2,830 people, among them 343 members of the Fire Department.

The section of debris being excavated now, the last at the site, became compressed during the recovery effort as it was repeatedly run over by vehicles using it as a makeshift entrance.