Sometime after 9-11 my bestfriend had gotten a whole bunch of mercy bracelets with all different names on them. I was hoping to see by chance that there would be one for Vincent Morello, but there was not. After reading all the names and doing a little reasearch on this website i finally picked my bracelet and the name enscribed on it was James Gibberson. When i found out what house James was in i knew that instant it was fate for me to have his bracelet. If i could not have Vin's then I knew James spent many hours with Vin in the fire house and was my closest life line to the men of 35/40. I proudly wear the bracelet and i will for a very long time b/c no matter how many years pass by my heart will always be drawn to the family's of Ladder 35 and Engine 40. You all are thought of everyday and i know i wear a hero's name on me for ever.