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Thread: Despite furor, a vow is kept

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    Despite furor, a vow is kept

    Despite furor, a vow is kept

    The Washington Post

    NEW YORK -- New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani kept a promise Sunday.

    After the death last month of Michael Gorumba, a young firefighter who died on the job, Giuliani told Gorumba's widowed mother that he would walk her daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

    On Sunday, days after the World Trade Center toppled in the nation's worst terrorist attack, the mayor kept his promise.

    Appearing subdued, Giuliani poignantly recalled the request of Diane Gorumba, whose son, Michael Gorumba, 27, died of a heart attack while on duty Aug. 28.

    He said that, in the past year, Gorumba had lost her son, her husband and her father.

    "I asked her how she could bear it, and she said she feels the pain of it, she allows the pain to happen, but then she focuses on the good things that are left in life, you have to participate in the good things - like her daughter's wedding," Giuliani said.

    "I've thought about that quite a bit this week. The life of the city goes on and I encourage people to go about their lives - one of the best things they can do is show how strong we are."

    It was at her son's wake that Gorumba told Giuliani that her daughter, also named Diane, did not have a brother, father, or grandfather to give her away to her fianc

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    Gorumba death too useful to Naudet-FDNY movie plot

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