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    Post������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ poem

    this is a poem that i wrote. Let me know what you think. Thanks. Ken

    That September Day

    That fateful September day
    All the New Yorkers were
    Going about their business the way
    They usually do early in the morning.
    There were many firefighters on their way
    Into the city for their shift change.
    Little did they know that no more than
    An hour before, two planes took off from
    Logan Airport with trouble on board.
    When the first plane struck the towers,
    Many firefighters responded.
    Three hundred and forty-three did not
    Realize this would be the last bells they would
    Respond to. Every call that goes out
    Firefighters know they may not return.
    But the firefighters hope and pray they will return.
    On September 11th, as the firefighters ran into
    The buildings that sane, normal people run out of,
    They never thought the towers would collapse.
    The firefighters thought the Twin Towers could withstand the impact
    Just like the towers did in 1993.
    During the days, weeks, months that followed, even now.
    There are hundreds of people still trapped
    In the rubble of the World Trade Centers,
    They will never see the world again.
    Each time a firefighter steps into a
    Burning building he lets God take over and decide his fate.
    He leaves the choice up to God whether or not he will walk
    Out of that building alive or will be entombed in it.

    ~ Kenneth Flechsig ~
    January 28, 2002
    A HERO is defined as "one that is much admired or shows great courage." The hundreds of thousands of Americans who serve their communities as professional and volunteer firefighter's can easily be described as heroes. These heroes make many sacrifices while serving their communities. Sorrowfully, a few make the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE-- losing their life in the performance of thier duties.

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    Wink������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ nice poem

    Hi nice poem why not send it to

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    i tried that but it wont work

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