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Thread: A tribute"Mother America's Parade of Heroes"heads to NYC signed by many great Texans

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    A tribute"Mother America's Parade of Heroes"heads to NYC signed by many great Texans

    A tribute"Mother America's Parade of Heroes" heads to NYC signed by many great Texans
    I have a 3-D piece of artwork that is heading to NYC to be put on display by the Port Authority and will be used for a fundraiser.

    "Mother America's Parade of heroes" is a 3-d artwork, heading to NYC. It has been bolstering the spirits of the Dallas area firemen for months.

    It is a tribute to all our heroes, those lost on 9/11 and to all those that remain, sacrificing to serve and protect our nation.

    This PDF (image file) is what I want people to post on their website, to reprint and share with anyone it may benefit. I as the artist have placed it into "Public Domain"

    Please consider this for a news story on your unions website you city Fire Departments, Police Departments, WTC tenant companies websites, Ezines, magazine, newsletter, news paper or TV. I wish to share this with all America. I would like to also have this shared to our Armed Services, City, State,and National Officials. Feel free torecommend a signer and to post this on your site...Either the PDF file (<--prefered) or a link back to my site if that is easier. This imagery is in "Public Domain" and intended to be shared freely. The original artwork has been signed by many great people of Texas and should be in NYC in a week or two. I shared it with the Dallas Fire Department, they shared it with NYC. Now NYC is wanting to display the piece. It will be used for a fundraiser after they are finished with it...likely at the one year marker.

    This has been officially posted in all Dallas fire stations by the fire department for the benefit of their men. There have been several interviews regarding this on Dallas radio and TV news programs...more are expected as this heads out to NYC and again as it gets to NYC. The Dallas Police Assn. had a write up about this in the January issue of "The Shield" and both the Dallas Police Assn. and the Dallas Fire Department are working on getting the PDF file posted on their sites, there may also be a story written about it.

    I have been gathering signatures on the back of this 3-d piece of art to represent this as an offering from Texas to NYC. I removed my name from the plaque and my signature from the piece once I was asked to share it with the Dallas Fire Department.

    some of the signers are...
    Dallas Mayor Laura Miller (Photo of signing)
    Dallas Acting Mayor - Mary Poss
    Dallas Fire Chief -Steve Abraria (Photo of signing)
    Dallas Police Chief -Terrell Bolton
    Dallas Cowboys QB -Troy Aikman
    Temple Shalom - Rabbi Gershun
    VP of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas- Gary Weinstein (Photo of signing)
    President of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas- James Hogue (Photo of signing)
    A woman that has done so much for people - Ebby Halliday (Photo of signing)
    Roger Staubach - (Photo of signing)
    Chuck Norris

    Should get word in a day or two about Texas Governor Rick Perry's signing...then it is off to NYC. I plan to get NYC counterparts signatures...I also am hoping to get signatures of Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer, while in route to Austin. They are the two women that were held captive by the Taliban.

    I have begun a "Print campaign," asking printers and copy centers to print out a few posters and many 8.5 x 11s of this and asking them to distribute them to their community leaders. I am also asking people across America to take copies down to their neighborhood fire stations, police stations, to send off copies to WTC tenant companies, their employees, to Port Authority members, and to our service men and women.

    I have shared this with the DOD and asked all branches of the service to post the PDF for their troops. I have also been sharing this with as many contacts as I can find with Police Chiefs and Fire Chiefs associations and unions.

    Brian J. DeFoe
    972-726-9862 I can send photos of signers to validate this project if you would like.
    I am in need of a sponsor for the trip to NYC. The one I had just pulled out at the last second. I hope to spend about a week and a half in NYC gathering signatures of city and state officials, community and religious leaders, survivors, and victims families, WTC tenant company representatives and a few celebrities to help bring up the selling price for this when it is time for the fundraiser.

    I hope I get to meet some of you when I get to town. If all goes well, I should be there with the piece getting signatures by about April 9th. I hope to have a mass signing with city officials on the 11th of April and continue collecting signature through the 19th.. or as long as funds allow.

    I will let people know where it is at any given time on my websites main page...listed above.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all,

    Stay Safe!


    God Bless America, standing united, embracing our cultural diversity, flying high above the storm.
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    God Bless America, standing united, embracing our cultural diversity, flying high above the storm.

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