Crowds View Last of Lights

Daily News Staff Writer

Hundreds of people traveled to lower Manhattan yesterday to view the last night of the Tribute in Light.

Police said crowds were greater than at any time since the twin shafts of light were turned on March 11, the six-month anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center.

Nadine Tavares, 29, and her husband, Mark, 25, said they can see the lights at home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, but traveled to Manhattan to see them close up on the last night.

"It is very hard," Nadine Tavares said. "I am very moved. The light itself shows hope and that together we are strong. No matter what, we're going to rise just like the light going up to the sky."

The $500,000 Tribute in Light used 88 searchlights arranged in 50-foot squares at a site near the northwest corner of the Trade Center plaza. Con Edison donated an estimated $10,000 worth of electricity.

The lights were turned off at 11p.m. daily, but last night they were left on until dawn this morning.

Original Publication Date: 4/14/02

Hundreds gather for final display of Tribute in Light last night.