Remember the purpose of this site and the products.

It's about the families. It's about giving. Your purchase is actually a donation. It's about the donation, NOT you getting product.

This is NOT a store or business. We are working for zero compensation right now, and are pretty effecient with it.

We try to run things better than most business do, but we do not take kindly to misplaced anger if something doesn't arrive within 2 days.

Why do I bring this up? Well, because, recently I've been threatened with "report you to Better Business, and to the credit cards, and to the State Attorney's office" All because their order did not come within 2 days!

No joke. Really. And, the package actually arrived on the 3rd day. Imagine, a charity, with non-paid administrators, able to get a package to you in appreciation of your donation, within 3 days! Unfortunately, the order was a little mixed up and they didn't get everything they had wanted. So... more threats.

Now, I actually thought is was kind of funny. And it didn't really concern me since I know we do the right thing, all the way around. Report what you want. But be sure to record your impatience. Everything was worked out, but not because of the empty threats, but because of us doing the right thing.

So, remember who you are dealing with. Put your impatience and attitude to the side for a while. Remember what YOU are doing. YOU are donating to a cause. You are NOT purchasing from Macy's.

Slow down, and appreciate all that is around you. Respect everyone around you. and chill. all will work out.