I would like to thank all the firefighters for all their hard work and dedication on September 11 and all the days following.

I came home from work to the tv reports of what had happened in New York, as I live in Australia. I was shocked by what I saw. I stayed up watching most of the night. It was the only thing on tv for most of that week. 24/7, it kept us up to date as to what was happening with the rescue efforts of everyone envolved.

I have read two great books in the last couple of weeks (April). Last Man Down and Report from Ground Zero. Both of these books brought tears to my eyes, for what some people had been through and still went back to the site to join the search for their missing brothers.

I again thank you for all your hard work and dedication, the events of that day have changed all of us. Some more than others. Lets never forget those who were just doing their job and never returned home.

Carly Dimond.