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Thread: "Two Minutes of Silence" Litho

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    "Two Minutes of Silence" Litho

    Thanks for offering this Litho, Brian. It is a wonderful creation-- looking forward to having it in my home.

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    It looks fantastic when you see it. The Peter O'Neill Gallery is constantly selling them as soon as someone walks in and sees it. (all of the profits go to charity)

    I haven't had time to fix the graphic, or mention in the shop, but the image does NOT have all the writing on it.

    I should have made that clear, and when I get some time, I'll try to make it clearer on the image. We put the writing on it so that it can't be simply downloaded and printed easily. The purpose is to raise funds for families.

    And, I didn't want to put a 'blurry' or degraded image, or a tiny small one. So, I put the words on it.

    Once people see these in person, they all seem to want one.
    Brian Shea
    Co-Director of Fallen Brothers Foundation
    (foundation charity dissolved 2006)

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