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Thread: FDNY's Downey Identified

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    FDNY's Downey Identified

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    FDNY's Downey Identified

    Just in case the above link disappears, here is the article

    FDNY's Downey Identified


    The Fire Department of New York is confirming that physical remains from Ground Zero of the World Trade Center have been identified as those of Deputy Chief Ray Downey. A department spokesman said the identification, which he believed was made through DNA testing, was confirmed early Wednesday morning. It was reported that city stations received the 5555 toned dispatch.

    Downey, a 39-year veteran of FDNY, was the most highly decorated firefighter in the history of FDNY and was one of the most respected members to the department nationwide as an expert in special operations rescue. He was one of the leaders working extrication at the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing in 1995.

    He served on the Gilmore Commission, a presidential committee on terrorism designed to assess domestic response capabilities for terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction. He was the team leader for the New York City Urban Search and Rescue Team and representative for all 28 national teams to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He was commanding rescue operations at the WTC attack on September 11, 2001 .

    Funeral arrangements:

    Saint Cyril & Methodious R.C. Church
    On Monday, May 20, 2002 at 1015 hours
    97 Half Hollow Road
    Deer Park, New York
    (631) 667-4044

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    Metro Briefing: New York [5/16/02 The NY Times]

    MANHATTAN: FIRE CHIEF'S REMAINS IDENTIFIED The remains of Deputy Chief Raymond M. Downey, the New York City fire commander who was a nationally known expert on rescue operations, have been identified, eight months after he disappeared in the collapse of the World Trade Center. Chief Downey, a firefighter for 39 years, was identified through DNA analysis, according to the city medical examiner's office. As the head of Special Operations Command, Chief Downey directed rescue operations at collapsed buildings. Asked once why he searched so long for remains of the presumed dead, he cited the families left behind. "The only way you can relieve some of their sorrow," he said, "is to successfully recover the bodies of the people they loved."

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    Downey Scholarship Fund

    Deputy Chief of Special Operations, Raymond Downey, perfected his firefighting skills over a 39 year career with the New York City Fire Department. Sadly, the man whose skills and knowledge would have been most appreciated on September 11th, gave his life on that day while helping to save thousands of lives. Deputy Chief Downey, who had served as the Captain of Rescue 2 for many years, will be sorely missed by the members of our firehouse and the entire fire department.
    A scholarship Charity Fund has been established as a tribute to Deputy Chief Downey by his loving family. If you would like more information about the fund or about Ray Downey, please go to DC Raymond Downey Scholarship Charity Fund

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