I sent a card to Kevin Shea because I did not know the name of any other firefighter or police officer in NY. I had read an article of how he felt uncomfortable with being called a 'hero'. That struck a chord in me which compelled me to write to him.

I told him that for me being a hero is someone who can walk into a burning building for a living.

I don't know if he ever received my card, its not important if he did or he didn't. What is important is that the firefighters of NY know that their strength gave the world the courage that was needed to stand up for what is right. By the loss of so many good men, it made us all realise the value of a life and what is worth fighting for.

Recently Australia lost its last World War 1 veteran and with him died the 'digger' spirit which was a comaraderie between soldiers on the battlefield of Gallipolli. To be honest I thought that type of spirit was dead. But when I saw the firefighters digging by hand at ground zero and then reading of what they saw and what they had lost. I realised that that same spirit that Australians soldiers fought with, was with the firefighters of NY. It is not something that can be taught as it is something within.

God bless and thank you.