dear firefighters,ems,papd.nypd,

I am looking for where I can purchase a t-shirt frrom the lower Manhattan fdny or one of the ones in Brooklyn. My heart goes out to all. All of you have made me very proud!!! As i have watched all this since 9/11/01, i really see all the hard and impartment work ya'll do.I am so proud of all of you!!! if this letter does get to new york, i wish i was there to tell a joke, maybe try to put a smile on someones face. i wish i could be there with you to hold hands and just talk. i live in corpus christi, texas .. so it is very hard for me to make it up there.but when i am able, ya'll will be on my first stops. please let me know how to purchase a fdny t-shrit. it will be greatly apprechated.(spelling?)

my heart and my prayers go out to all,
Kat Fleener(
4326 Laura Place
Corpus Christi, Texas 78411