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    Question�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� help in this section


    For those of us who may be new to this sort of format...exactly what is threading and say I wanted to go to Pete Ganci's sheet. How would I do that? Or as a whole contact an engine company, rescue company or ladder company who has lost so much and needs so much?

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    Skisnee, when you went to the index and found the topic, "Help needed in this section" you found a THREAD (message) which is within the SECTION "World Trade Center - 9-11-2001".

    You posted, as I am now doing, a REPLY to this THREAD.
    There is also a section of this board entitled "Using this site" which is where I have moved your questions and this reply. Brian has already posted some info there for you to read.

    There's a color-coded scheme. If, on the indicies a topic is against a purple bkg, it is its own FORUM

    All that said, the best thing to do is just start trying things. There are buttons that say "new message", "post reply". Try them.

    At any topic, whatever level it is (SECTION, FORUM, THREAD, REPly), you can clik on it and get to it. Try it.

    NOW, to answer your specific questions:

    to post or read messages about Pete Ganci, Follow these links:

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    I just wanted to add another tip on how to find things.

    On the top of the page there are the blue buttons towards the right. You will see a 'Search' button.

    You can go to the Search page, and in your case, you can search for 'Ganci'. That will bring up all messages (or Posts) that have the name "Ganci" in it.

    When search for Fire companies, it gets a little tricky. Since the search engine needs 3 characters to search, it is hard to find "Engine 1". So, most of the posts have 001 for Engine 1. If you search for a company with less than three numbers, put a zero in front. 6 = 006, 40 = 040, etc.

    And like Chris mentioned, the best way to learn is to just use the site. Click away on different things. Eventually, you will become an expert.
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