It can be a little confusing on your first visit if you are not familiar with bulletin boards on the web.... or at least this newer, advanced style of a bulletin board.

One of the biggest confusions is the wordings for messages.

Thread, Thread Starter, Forum, Replies, Views, Last Post

  • Forum = A section for a specific subject. This message is in the "Using This Site" Forum, since it relates to using the site. Each firefighter has their own forum, so they each have a section where all the messages are related to them. Anyone can post anything.
  • Categories = The forums are separated into categories, and sub-categories. This helps keep things organized. This "Using This Site" forum is in the "About Fallen Brothers" category, along with a few other Forums that are related to the Foundation or the site.

    The WTC forums are in sub-categories. First there is a whole category for all Fallen Brothers, then a special Sub-category for WTC, and then further sub-categories for each letter of the alphabet. It is a reminder to how many Brothers we lost, when you see how difficult it was to manage the organization of so many forums.
  • Thread = Message. A Thread starts with a new message, and it becomes a 'thread' as people reply to it. When you post a "new message" in a forum, you are starting a Thread, which people, including yourself, can reply to.
  • Thread Starter = this is just the person who posted the first message in this thread.
  • Post = Add a message or reply. Must like you would 'post' a piece of paper on a bulletin board, you 'post' a message on this site. To post a new message, click on the, uh, "New Message" button.
  • Last Post = a very cool feature where you can see who the last person who posted in that thread.
  • View since last visit = have you used this yet?!? This is one of the best features. This will give you a list of the messages that have been posted since you last visited. You can also tell what is new by looking at the little graphics on the side of the threads and forums. If it is 'lit up', there is something new in it.
  • Replies = you can reply to most threads/messages. When you look at the list of threads, you will see a number under the 'replies' column. this is there to just give you an indication of how many responses are in the thread.
  • Views = This is just a way to see how many people have actually viewed a particular thread.

There are many more features, including a Control Panel, private messaging, posting pictures, etc. the more you use the site, the more you will notice and appreciate all that can be done.

And, if you have any questions, ask.