I want to say my thoughts and my deepest prayers are always with the families and friends that lost so many loved ones on 9-11. I think I have devoted my life now trying to finds ways to reach out and help someone. I am writing poems for the families that lost a loved ones. I can go read about the person and write about them. If anyone would like me to do this for their loved one I will be more than glad to and also will send a copy in the mail for framing and keeping. if you would like to send me some info on your loved one and tell me a little about them that really helps me out. The more I know about them the more the poem is about them. I have had some families say they don't want their loved one known as just a victim that they had a life and people that loved them. This is what I am trying to do with my poems.
God Bless and my heart breaks for everyone and I am here to support and love and reach out my hand in any way that I can. my email is dhuggins@cobweb.net All my prayers Diane Huggins