Although I only had a short time to know Tom through the football league that his son played in, I feel very blessed. Blessed that I had this short time to know him, but have found a strong woman, a friend, in his wife. The words that guide her are those that he would have spoken to her she says. He was the father who took his son to football practice and would cheer at him to get in there and get them. There would be his wonderful wife when he couldn't make it, ensuring that their oldest son had plenty of water to drink on the hot days.

My fondest memory of Tom was when I asked him to start the BonFire for our Pep Rally and he looked at me and chuckled, "I don't know how to start them, I only out them out." Than he replied sure, he would do it, was there anything else he could do, I said no, that was more than enough. A day or so before the rally, he said that he was unable to help because one of his brother firemen had asked him to work, (but still he worried if I could get someone else to do it) I said work, because you never know when you may need something from one of your "Brothers", he looked at me and replied, "I guess you know." I said yes, my brother-in-law is an FDNY firefighter.

I just want to say how blessed this world was to have Tom with us, and how wonderful and special his wife is. The children will grow up with their father so alive in their hearts thanks to their mother.