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Thread: They Ran In

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    They Ran In

    September morn, blue crystal skies,
    While far away, dark storms arise,
    A storm of darkness and of fear,
    Awaits the chance to cloud our eyes,
    And trample all that we hold dear.

    In their house, as day begins,
    They'll heed the call, they'll run in.

    Far above inferno waits,
    Amid the flames, some meet their fates.
    Above the flames in choking haze,
    Spawned by unimagined hate,
    Some cling to life, some fall away.

    In dark and chaos and hellish din,
    Most ran down, but they ran in.

    One giant fell and then the other,
    Father lost Son, Brother lost Brother.
    They searched and waited and hoped to find,
    A way to save yet another,
    And leave none of their own behind.

    Men of God absolved their sin,
    Though death awaits, they ran in.

    They flames have died, the Brothers sleep,
    But still today a vigil keep.
    They'll come each day to search anew.
    They'll dig and toil and sweat and weep,
    We owe this much to these brave few.

    They know the day will come again,
    The call will come, and they'll run in.

    Ken Donnelly, inspired by the words of Lee Ielpi.
    Never forget, never again.
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    Cool������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Ref: They Ran In

    Cool....Very Cool. May God Bless Our Brothers.

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    Quite moving Ken, you need to pursue your gift of expression. It's a righteous tribute to our fallen Brothers.

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