Capt. Crawls Into Inferno, Saves Man

Daily News Staff Writers

A Brooklyn fire captain crawled through a wall of flame to pull a badly burned man to safety yesterday morning, authorities said.

Fire officials said it was just before 4 a.m. when Capt. Daniel Martinetion and other members of Ladder Co. 147 responded to a report of flames and clouds of thick smoke pouring from a house at 444 E. 17th St. in Flatbush.

Martinetion and Firefighters Brian Gardner and Tom Kelly raced to the top floor of the three-story Victorian home, where they found their way blocked by a locked bedroom door.

They broke down the superheated door, dropped to their hands and knees and began crawling in search of victims as flames licked up the wall and into the ceiling, Martinetion said.

"They went left. I went right," the 19-year veteran said. "I found him near a dresser. He was in bad shape, but breathing."

"The whole room was glowing," said Capt. Edward Carney of Engine Co. 281. "It was tough