I have read Report from Ground Zero and I am now reading Last Man Down. I feel so much closer to the FDNY because of these reports. My heart goes out to all of you. My best friends sister lost her fiance at the North tower at the WTC. He worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. I have been very affected by this whole tragedy, my life has changed completely.

I had my sons school (he is 4 years old - 3 at the time) do some cards for the Fire department in New York to hang on the wall with the other cards and letters. It wasn't much, but I needed to do something. I made some flag pins to raise money for Cantor Fitzgerald. I also sent some with the cards to the FDNY. I made over 700 of them and raised $1600.00 for the relief fund.

My prayers will always be with you. My son says he wants to be a fireman - I hope his dream comes true.

Thank you for your bravery on that day and always.

Leigh Ann