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Thread: Worcester Firefighters Memorial Safety And Survival Seminar

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    Worcester Firefighters Memorial Safety And Survival Seminar

    Worcester Firefighters Memorial
    Safety and Survival Seminar

    November 1-3, 2002


    The Worcester Fire Fighters

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    Friday, November, 1st Hands-On-Programs

    08:00 - 17:00

    Firefighter Rescue

    Learn the latest techniques to save yourself and fellow firefighters. Work through the eight stations of the Worcester Firefighter Rescue Program. This program has become a model for departments throughout the country from Los Angeles to Kentucky. This program has been developed so that it can easily be brought back to your department. An instructional video will accompany the program.

    The program consists of 8 work stations, some of them multi-tasking. The Hands-On will include such techniques as : Drag and Carry, Denver Drill, head first bailout, high point anchor hauling systems and many other techniques designed to get a firefighter up to and out of a window and opening.

    Full Day 0800 - 1700 Cost $175.00

    RIT - Scenario Based Training

    If your department does not have an active RIT operation - this is absolutely a must do training experience. The time to prepare for a MAYDAY is before a MAYDAY occurs. Our training will take you through 4 real life RIT scenarios. Learn all the facets and complexities of a real life MAYDAY. Understand the full scope of a MAYDAY and RIT operation - from command issues to what the missing firefighter can do to save himself.

    Guaranteed to test you to the limits. We'll teach you the necessary skills needed to develop and effective rapid intervention team. This program was developed and refined through extensive real time testing. When the seconds count, make them count for you, by firefighters committ4ed to making a difference.

    Full Day 0800 - 1700 Cost $175.00

    Confined Space / Structural Collapse

    This intense one-day program includes multiple collapse scenarios that have voids and confined spaces needing search and extrication. It is intended to place the student in a hands-on scenario with multiple hazards that have to be controlled as rescue efforts continue. Topics addressed include safety, monitoring, ventilation, rescue, bracing, and shoring, lifting and moving heavy objects, the cutting of various materials and teamwork.

    Full Day 0800 - 1700 Cost $175.00

    Water Rescue Certification

    Receive a national certification from Dive Rescue International. Take part in actual water rescue scenarios. Learn all the proper techniques and tactics from size-up and land marking to actual extrication. Learn how to get your victim up and onto the ice crest. All proper communication and safety issues will be discussed.

    Full Day 0800 - 1700 Cost $175.00

    Thermal Imaging

    Take part in a 1/2 day of live fire training. Learn how to utilize the maximum potential of the Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC). The setting will be our new state-of- the-art burn building. Learn the proper techniques and applications as well as the TICs limitations and pitfalls. Learn the basic application of the TIC from search and rescue, to fire attack, to overhaul. make TIC a must in your toolbox.

    1/2 day 0800 - 1200 or 1300 - 1700 Cost $175.00

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    Saturday, November 2nd
    800 - 1700

    Opening Ceremonies

    Opening Statements
    Posting of Colors
    National Anthem
    Worcester Fire Welcome

    Firefighter Safety and Survival

    Presented by Battalion Chief Robert Cobb, Jersey City Fire Department and Mickey Conboy, Rescue 3, FDNY, this is an informational, packed lecture. See all the newest innovations in Firefighter Rescue and Survival.

    The Pentagon -The First 12 Hours

    Presented by Deputy Chief Michael Smith, District of Columbia Fire Department will bring you through the initial DC response. From his initial role as operations command to the firefighter as incident commander. he will show you the trials 9-11 brought to the Pentagon.


    Special Presentation - The World Trade Center 9-11

    We are dedicating 4 hours of our program on Saturday Afternoon to hear from members of the FDNY and their personal accounts of 9-11 and the aftermath.

    The Response - Battalion Chief John Salka, will discuss the FDNY response. How they were deployed and what were their objectives. He will also show the courage shown by FDNY.

    The Collapse - Chief Vincent Dunn, FDNY,(ret.), will show the in's and out's of why the WTC collapsed.

    The Search - Lieutenant Fred Endikrat, Philadelphia Rescue 1and IC for FEMA will discuss the FEMA perspective. How they worked in conjunction with FDNY. their role, objectives, problem and solutions.

    The Rescue - battalion Chief Jay Jonas will tell his personal story. How, as Captain of Ladder 6, and how he and his crew survived.

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    Sunday, November 3rd
    0800 - 1630

    1st Due Officer

    Director of training for the Chicago Fire Department, District Chief Robert Hoff, and Lt Rick Kolomay of Schaumberg, IL have an intense program on the decisions to be made if you are part of the first arriving unit at a working fire. The initial fire tactics and strategy will determine if you will be successful or not.

    Building Size-Up - Do you know what you are going into

    Battalion Chief Mike Terpak, Jersey City Fire Department, gives an overview of what you need to know as a Chief, Officer and firefighter about the building and what is happening inside.


    Truck Company Operations

    One of the best in the company Captain Mike Duggan, FDNY, Truck Company 117, tells you what to look for and what to expect in truck operation. The pitfalls and the triumphs.

    Engine Company Operations

    Lieutenant Jack Boland, Worcester Fire Department delivers a great program on how an Engine Company can run into problems and meet them head-on.

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