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Thread: El Dolor que Sentimos

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    Unhappy��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� El Dolor que Sentimos

    En nuestro pa

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    Following Brian's is a loose translation of the above post (from a web-based translator)

    In our country, all those that we worked in the services of emergencies, or are medical, police or of fires, we did not feel truely sad and with a very deep pain when the 11 of September lost so many and so many lives doubly valuable to be then trying to save to others. Little despues of which it happened we tried to send email of condolencias but all the communications with the stations of the EMS, FDNY and PDNY completely were saturated, is by which when approaching the anniversary, they return our memory and it intensifies the pain and the sadness, thinking that to us it could happen to us the same during an attention or rescue work to our patients. We know that all of them have gained the sky, to the dead salary fulfilling the second order of the law of God. Until soon,

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