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    When my 3yr old son asked me and my wife why so many had to die, we had to think of something. It is very hard to give reason to such a senseless act of cowardness to a young child so I gave a religious twist to it. I said to him "God took them because He needed someone to make Him smile." We were on vacation in North Carolina visiting the Biltmore Estate when we heard what happened. As we were leaving, there is a fountain at the front of the mansion. My son wanted a coin to make a wish but didn't know what to wish for. My wife and I told him to wish for something in his heart. With that, he threw the coin and came back with a great big smile on his face. When we asked him why he was smiling, his answer was short but sweet, "I wished that God would protect all the people in the buildings in NY." I feel that the true reason why God allowed so many Firefighters to die is He is ready to take on the fires of Hell and he wanted the Best. My father was Fire Chief in the town where I grew up. I know what it's like to wonder if a loved one will return home safely. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and fellow firefighters for their loss. Thank you for being there for us and protecting us. God Bless!
    Robert, Susan & Sean [edited email for privacy](brian)

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    Unhappy��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� A Really Special Post

    What a special post. It brought tears to my eyes--That a child of three should be asking these kinds of questions is so sad.

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    Smile����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� I had a similar experience

    I recently took a trip to NYC to pay my respects to the thousands of people that were killed in a senseless and cruel act. When I approched Ground Zero with my son by my side, he started crying. I asked him what was wrong and he asked me where all of the firefighters went that were on tv. (I watched minute by minute on Sept. 11th and he saw the fire engines on tv and the firefighters running around. I knelt down to him and I told him that the firefighters were in Heaven with his kitty and they were watching over us. He cried more and asked if I was going to go to Heaven to. I told him that every time mommy walks out that door, she goes and works with other people and we protect eachother. He asked how come the firefighters didn't protect eachother because they were in Heaven. I started to cry and I told him that they did protect eachother and that they were all together helping others who needed them the most. They were never alone because they had eachother and the people that they were helping. He cried some more, but I had difficulty trying to explain to a four year old why so many were lost. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better response?

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    Perhaps something like:

    Firefighters help people. They are like Angels on earth. They went into the buildings to help the people get out of the buildings.

    When the buildings came down, the firefighters turned into Angels to help the people who didn't get out to now get out to go to heaven.

    And now, the firefighter Angels are up in heaven, sitting in a big firehouse kitchen talking about how great it was to be at 'the big one'. And they now can watch over and protect even more people, since it's easier to do when you have angel wings.
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    Brian, that is so beautiful! What a wonderful way to think of them. I've just got home from our own 9/11 memorial - due to the time difference, our 9/11 is ending while yours begins. It was held just at sunset, down near the river, at the Australian/American war memorial, which seemed the most fitting place to have it. Short, but beautiful and moving. Anyway, my thoughts are with you and your brothers as the day begins over there in the US.

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    Thank you

    Brian, thank you. As you know the 1st post under "why" is from us before we became members. It was very hard trying to tell a 3yr old why Mommy & Daddy were crying. Your suggestion is probably one of the best ideas we've heard to explain what happened to a child. I can picture my father and thousands of firefighters sitting around and talking "war stories" at the firehouse kitchen table. Now that we live in North Carolina, I often walk out into my backyard and hear the fluttering of wings. To this day forward I will wonder if it is birds or an angel firefighters watching over us. May God Bless you and your family and all those that put their lives on the line so others may live.
    Robert, Susan & Sean Link

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