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Thread: Important: Ground Zero Shoulder Patch

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    Important: Ground Zero Shoulder Patch

    Many thanks for looking!
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    When you post a message or reply, you will see an option just below the text box of your message, to 'attach file:'

    You simply click on the 'Browse' button, and find the file on your computer. select it and click 'OK' or 'Open'. That should put the name of the file into the Attach File box.

    Next, when you submit the message, the file will upload and become part of your message.

    Note that the image file has to be a standard image file, like .jpg, .gif, .png. It also needs to be under 100k. The '100k' limit is what seems to be a problem with many novices who just attach the file from their scanner. The problem is, their scanner is giving them a hi-res picture that is not suitable for the web. It needs to be compressed or optimized for quick download. So, learn your graphic program a little more to see how to save it for the web.
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