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    our organization Americas 9-11 Memorial Quilt organization needs written permission to use the FDNY emblems on the FDNY quilt and the Victims quilt. Can anyone tell me who I would get in touch with for this permission. I have written the commissioner but have gotten no response yet. Here is the letter that I wrote.
    If anyone can help us on this we sure would appreciate the help

    Dear Commissioner: We are writing to ask your written permission to use pictures of vehicles and also patches from the FDNY for the use on the FDNY Memorial Quilt that we are constructing and will donate to the FDNY when completed as well as the Victims Quilt which will contain all 3,000+ who perished on 9-11. Our hope for a home for this quilt is the WTC Memorial Park. This quilt will house the military, the FDNY the EMS, the Pentagon, The Shanksville site, and so on. Also we are working on separate quilts to donate to the FDNY, EMS, PAPD and so on. Our organization is non-profit, 501 3C and all quilts will be donated to each dept for which they are being constructed. We construct the quilts with the greatest of compassion and in memory of your fallen firefighters. The victim photos are being printed with family consent only and in writing. We protect everything we use on the quilts and in no way make a profit from this project. We ask for your written permission to use the FDNY Patch so we may best represent the FDNY Fallen heroes of 9-11. Thank you for considering us. Our website:

    I appreciate if anyone in NY could help us out with this. We really need this. Diane Huggins Secretary-correspondence and Poetry writer.
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