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Thread: running in honor

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    running in honor

    I signed up for the NYC marathon and was placed in the lottery. I wanted to run in memory of L7. I was able to visit their station in February and deliver some cards and letters that my students had written to them. They were very generous with their time and such an inspiration. I told my students that I was going to run in honor of this ladder company and they were very excited. Unfortunately I didn't make it into the marathon. I wrote a letter of appeal to the organizers but haven't heard anything back. I will run a different marathon in honor of them on Dec. 1st but I'm still holding out hope for New York. It just won't be the same if I run it somewhere else. Can anyone help with this situation? Thanks.

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    I understand the problem. But, can you imagine how many such requests are being made?

    I've just got to believe that the marathon organizers are getting these requests and have reached a stage of laughing hysterically over the "in honor of...", for which they must surely be thinking "you and everyone else buddy"

    Same thing goes for personal visits to firehouses, and wanting to meet up with firefighters, and invite them to special events in honor of them.

    The whole world wants a piece of them. It's tiring and draining. It's still appreciated though. And the firefighters welcome everyone because they know how important it is for everyone.

    What matters most is the positive thoughts you are giving, no matter what race you are in. And you still remember them the next time you get in the NY Marathon, even if it's 10 years from now.

    honoring and remembering should never end in our hearts
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