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Thread: Help Wanted: The Sunflower Project NYC

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    Help Wanted: The Sunflower Project NYC

    The Sunflower Project NYC is a small grassroots collective of Ground Zero volunteers who are creating 3,000 living sunflower memorials throughout New York City to remember those lost on September 11th, to honor their families, and as thanks to all who contributed and aided in the recovery efforts. The idea is to create multiple memorials that remember each life, one flower at a time.

    Since early June, we have planted 4,000 seeds all over New York City, and we will continue planting through early August. We are actively seeking planters and "watering buddies" for several sites. Our hope is that people nationwide will be encouraged to participate and plant their own sunflower memorials.

    The Project is open to all and encourages people everywhere to plant sunflower memorial patches in their communities.
    We wish to extend as special invitation to all 9-11 family members to plant with us-- as individuals, in groups, or join in our group plantings.

    There is still time to plant sunflowers this summer that wll bloom in September. The "Big Smile" seeds are miniatures that grow two feet in 50 days with lovely flowers.

    Planitng information, tips and a lot more can be found on our website. http;//

    When the flowers start blooming, a online site map and photo gallery will document the individual memorials people have planted .

    We hope there will be 3,000 beautiful flowers come September-- in New York , Washington, Pennsylvania and thousands more all over the country.

    Love and Peace.
    Sunflower Project NYC
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