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Thread: Former Pennsylvania Fire Chief Dies

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    Former Pennsylvania Fire Chief Dies

    Former Pennsylvania Fire Chief Dies


    Penn. firefighter Grant F. Trick, 49, passed away Sunday at the Canton Boro Fire Department in Bradford County due to an apparent heart attack while preparing to respond to a controlled burn.

    Trick had 24 years of service with the volunteer department, 17 of those as chief.

    "He had responded to the station and had just called out for more people to respond to the burn, and he got sick and collapsed at that particular time," said Bob Miller, supervisor of fire training for the state of Pennsylvania.

    Other firefighters at the station called for paramedics, who treated Trick for a heart attack and brought him to Troy Community Hospital, 10 miles away.

    Trick died at about 10:30 a.m., Miller said. Although it appears that he died of a heart attack, an autopsy report is not yet available.

    Trick leaves behind his wife, LouAnn, and two children - Sherry, 24, and Shawn, 18. He was involved in the Fire Chiefs Association in Bradford County, the Fireman's Association of the State of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Arson Association.

    The Canton Boro Fire Department has 40 active firefighters and serves a population of 7,000 throughout 200 sq. miles in three counties, said Chief Kim D. Jennings, who took office as chief in January, with Trick as his assistant.

    The viewing will take place tonight, August 15, from 6 - 9 p.m. at Pepper Funeral Home, about a mile south of Canton on Rt. 14. The funeral service will be held tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the same location.

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    Trick, Grant F.

    Age: 49
    Rank: First Assistant Chief
    Status: Volunteer
    Incident Date: 08/13/2000
    Incident Time: 10:00
    Death Date: 08/13/2000

    Cause of Death: Stress/Exertion
    Nature of Death: Heart Attack
    Emergency Duty: No
    Duty Type: Other
    Activity Type: Other
    Fixed Prop. Use: N/A

    Fire Dept. Info:
    Canton Volunteer Fire Department
    P.O. Box 72
    Canton, Pennsylvania 17724
    Chief: Kim Jennings

    Final Summary:
    First Assistant Chief Trick was in his fire station gathering firefighters to perform a controlled burn of some brush near a residence. The burn had been planned in advance and had been requested by a local resident. As he prepared for the activity, First Assistant Chief Trick suffered a heart attack. Other firefighters in the station summoned paramedics, and First Assistant Chief Trick was transported to a hospital. He died later that day.

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