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Thread: An Outstanding Effort

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    I watched with horror the effects of Sept 11 on TV in Australia. I love reading and this is the first time I have ever replied on a book But, by reading the book"Report From Ground Zero" by Dennis Smith, I felt such honour to read about the hero's of the NYPD. You are all truly inspirational. The efforts that you all made to find your fallen comrades moved me deeply. I felt the most moving part of the book was the way the site stopped when a fallen firefighter was found. This is the most human feat that anyone in humanity can achieve. To kevin Shea of ladder 35, to survive what you experienced and to keep giving continual support to your community and the families of the fallen i commend you. Also to Lee Lelpi your story throughout the book was inspirational to never give up. At the end of the book when you found your son I was in tears. I also commend you for your support to your family and your efforts at ground zero to always help others. Finally to the author of "Report from ground zero" . To read such a book has made me realise even more that family, friends and life means so much. You are an excellent writer to tell the tales of these fallen firefighters. I could not put this book down as each story you told about the firefighters was very moving. I salute you all.
    Karyn Hinder
    Perth, Australia.

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    thank you.

    What was truly amazing, in the first days when there were thousands of people digging, people from all over... the whole site would get quiet when we thought we found someone. Incredible to hear all the noise drop down to silence in an instance. Everyone worked as a team, united, without any proper training for such an event.
    Brian Shea
    Co-Director of Fallen Brothers Foundation
    (foundation charity dissolved 2006)

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    Talking��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� An outstanding effort

    Your remarks touched me as this book did. I read it in one sitting being unable to put it down. The selfless bravery, courage and commitment depicted in its pages was even more remarkable, especially when remembering that every word written was absolutely true.

    I would like to thank you for being able to express the sentiments of many more people out here who are not as articulate as yourself.

    Thank you Karen

    Best wishes

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